Not Hot - Double Test Kit

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Method of attaching wires to a buried metal pipeline without using typical
methods that generate heat on the pipeline during wire attachment.
NotHot™ makes a strong permanent, low resistance wire connection. There
is a need to have an alternative to thermo-welding or brazing in specific
instances when use of heat is unsafe or undesirable.

Each kit includes components to install two test leads. Each wire assembly
consists of a wire pre-attached to a metal saddle. Conductive epoxy is then
field mixed and applied to the saddle which is placed on the prepared
pipeline. A magnet, embedded within the saddle holds the assembly in place
while the epoxy cures. For surface installations through narrow excavated
holes, a “Key-hole” tool is also available.

Applications and Usages:
The NotHot™ is suitable for use as a cathodic protection test lead, termination
of sacrificial anodes or coupons, and for pipe location.

The NotHot™ is ideal for usage when there is a safety concern such as:

  • Risk of ignition/combustion in the environment
  • Thin wall or de-rated pipelines
  • Whenever it is unknown if a plastic pipe has been inserted through a
  • service line
  • Or whenever Hot Work is best avoided.


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