TRITON - Coupon Test Station

TRITON - Coupon Test Station

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Triton Coupon Test Stations can be used to measure the effectiveness of CP systems by monitoring on-off readings, DC current densities from coupons, and measure the risk of AC-related corrosion through coupons. 

Dynamic Design– All measurement-related components are integrated into a single industry-standard, 3-inch diameter riser post package. Its streamlined form factor provides easier transport, inventory management, and installation. 

Ease of Installation – The coupon test stations include AC coupons, DC coupons and a Reference Cell in an integrated package that’s simple to install. The primary and secondary pipeline connections are pre-installed. 

Varied Dimensions for Different Scenarios – Multiple coupon assemblies are available to cover the varied range of coupon sizes and configurations needed for different measurement scenarios. 



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