Thermite Weld Caps

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Thermite Weld Caps

Sealed wire connections are important for maintaining continuity of cathodic protection systems. To make that job simpler, MESA provides easy to use weld caps and sealers. Thermite weld caps with mastic, seal and protect thermite weld connections. They are primarily designed for buried applications.

Thermite weld caps are 3" x 3" squares of 20 mil thick high density polyethylene. The plastic is vacuum formed in the shape of an igloo.

The dome of the cap is filled with mastic and placed over the thermite weld. The cap is pressed down until mastic sealant fills the gap between the cap and the pipe surface. The tunnel portion permits the lead wire to exit so the cap surface remains flush to the connected surface.

Thermite weld caps are supplied plain for field application of mastic. The caps can be purchased individually in any quantity desired. The mastic is available in quarts and gallons. A quart is sufficient for 15-20 caps.




3 x 3 in

20 mil

High-Density Polyethylene

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