Tinker & Rasor Insulator Tester

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Above Ground Insulator Tester / RF-IT

The Model RF-IT is a highly sensitive device used to test above ground pipeline insulators. This affordable unit is also fantastic for flange bolts shorts. The automatic RF-IT allows the operator to pinpoint the precise contact point. The RF-IT emits an audible beep. When the operator gets closer to the point of contact the unit starts beeping faster. At the same time, the sliding scale LCD meter moves from left to right.

*** Due to international shortages on microchips, we are unable to offer the CE-IT unit until further notice. *** 

Below Ground Insulator Tester / CE-IT

Tinker & Rasor's CE-IT is an ideal Instrument for the fast and accurate testing, of below ground insulators and road crossing casings. This fully automatic unit tests the insulator without any adjustment by the operator needed. The CE-IT’s LCD readout gives the test results in English. As with all Tinker & Rasor insulator testers, The CE-IT automatically turns itself off in ten minutes to save battery life.

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