Burndy Crimp Tools

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Burndy Crimp Tools

Burndy Type MD Hytool Crimp Tools with New Polymer handles

The MD hand operated crimp tools are easy to operate. The tools have a permanent D3 BG groove that also serves as a seat for W and X die inserts. Dies must be purchased separately.


Crimp Forces Tool Weight Length Height
9000 lb 7 lb 25 in 8.0 in

For use on

  • Copper, Aluminum, ACSR, Steel, Copperweld, Alumoweld, 6201, 5005, Compressed, Compact, Stranded and Solid Conductors
  • Installs splices, taps, or terminations: #8-500kcmil Copper Str, #8-350kcmil Flex, #8-4/0 AWG Aluminum

· Integral visual wear indicator
· Lightweight tool
· Ergonomic one piece composite polymer handle design
· Permanent "D3" groove and "BG" groove
· Uses standard "W" and "X" dies
· Limited 5 year warranty

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