Split Bolts - KS

Split Bolts - KS

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Burndy Split Bolts and Crimpits

Spliced wire connections are common to both galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection systems. Split bolts and crimpits by Burndy are the mechanical means for making these connections. They are composed of high purity copper and provide superior conductivity for anode leads, negative returns, grounds, or any other type of spliced wire connection. Burndy crimpits are "C" type connectors which can be used with a wide range of wire diameters, from #14 to #4.0 AWG. Because they are attached under high compression using special crimping tools, they form a permanent bond which can be electrically insulated with standard encapsulation kits. Split bolts can also accommodate many different conductors. Their free-running threads and easy to grip wrench flats ensures maximum pressure and a secure mechanical bond. In addition, they are resistant to cracking and corrosion.

Burndy split bolts and crimpits have a proven track record for long-life performance. They are manufactured under strict quality control standards and meet all the requirements established by Underwriters Laboratories and the Canadian Standards Association.

KS-15 Split Bolts-12 str - 10 str tap to 16 str run $4.41
KS-17 Split Bolts--8 str - 6 sol tap to 14 str run $4.71
KS-20 Split Bolts-8 str - 4 sol tap to 14 str run $6.60
KS-22 Split Bolts-6 str - 2 sol tap to 14 str run $8.34
KS-23 Split Bolts-6 str - 2 str tap to 14 str run $10.60
KS-25 Split Bolts-1/0 str tap to 14 str run $11.92
KS-26 Split Bolts-2 str - 2/0 str tap to 14 str run $11.79
KS-90 Split Bolts-12 str - 10 str tap to 16 str run $3.30

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